Our Practice

We live in a period of profound transition and the changes taking place are so radical. This has prompted our firm to adopt a different approach to the practice of law. The world is becoming one global market and there has been a paradigm shift.  Therefore our firm’s approach has digressed from general practice to specialization, within which we take on new and challenging work.

In this regard, we have set our strategic goal as global competitiveness and our approach and strategy therefore is not to manage this change in the practice of law but rather our firm has set out to orchestrate changes in the practice of law in Uganda by encouraging Alternative Dispute Resolution to give rise to potential savings in both time and costs.

We know that not all matters have to be litigated if parties are given the opportunity to mediate or arbitrate the same.

The firm is defined by its clientele and professionalism. The success of both is how we measure our progress and the value of our work. Ours is a personalized service.

Practice Areas

We are a dynamic and forward-looking firm that meets the demanding needs of today’s business and private individuals.

While we encourage our lawyers to specialize, we also train them to ensure that they are flexible enough to undertake new and challenging work that may not have been their primary area of specialization.