Legal Practice Areas

Corporate Practice

The Firm`s Corporate Practice includes a full range of commercial transactions including mergers, acquisitions, disposals, joint venture agreements, corporate restructuring,

Banking & Finance

We have successfully represented several banks and credit institutions in Uganda executing instructions in the areas of general banking, due

Mining And Natural Resources Law

The firm has for over the past 10 years represented and handled instructions from a leading public enterprise engaged in

Intellectual Property

We boost a team of lawyers that have a deep understanding of Intellectual property registration and protection. We handle registration,

Procurement Advisory And Consultancy

We provide a comprehensive range of legal support services in the field of national and international public procurement. Our team

Family Law, Wills, Estates And Trusts

Family is the foundation of Society and that is why we recognize the need for specialized guidance in the area

Labour Law And Immigration

We have a clear understanding of employment problems because we act for both employers and employees. We see both sides

Property And Real Estate

Our team handles all kinds of transactions ranging from due diligence, sales, purchases, leases, mortgages, financing, charges, debentures, charges, licences

Criminal Law

Our lawyers are not only resourceful and knowledgeable but also experienced in dealing with all types of criminal matters and

Tax Advice, Planning And Litigation

We advise our clients on various tax issues, with an emphasis on corporate advice including takeovers, mergers, restructuring and financing,

Certification, Commissioning & Notarising

We commission any documents including but not limited to affidavits, applications, petitions and notarise all documents that require to be